Recent poets of interest

Wasn’t sure how to briefly define this group, which consists of poets who’ve written poems that I ran across after the election, and have been taking comfort in.


  1. Mary Alexandra Agner, American science writer, poet
  2. George Bilgere, American poet; born 1951
  3. Alberto Blanco, Mexicano architect, art critic, poet; born 1951
  4. Lisa M. Bradley, Tejana poet and novelist; {@cafenowhere}
  5. Rosario Castellanos, 1925–1974, Mexicana ambassador, journalist, essayist, poet
  6. Elicura Chihuailaf, Chilean translator, poet; born 1952 (writes in both Spanish and Mapuche)
  7. Lucha Corpi, Mexicana poet and novelist; born 1945
  8. Diane Der-Hovanessian, American poet, daughter of Armenian immigrant parents; born 1932
  9. Ber Grin (Itsik Grinberg), 1901–1989, Ukrainian essayist, playwright, actor, poet (emigrated to USA)
  10. Jerzy Harasymowicz, Polish land surveyor, forester, poet; 1933–1999
  11. Keçecizade ‘Izzet Molla, 1785–1829, Turkish poet
  12. Margaret Noodin, American poet, Anishinaabemowin language teacher; born 1965
  13. Achy Obejas, Cuban-American journalist, novelist, poet; born 1956
  14. Elise Paschen, American editor, poet; born 1959
  15. Ricardo Pau–Llosa, Cuban-American essayist, art critic, novelist, poet; born 1954
  16. Nigoghos Sarafian, 1905–1973, Armenian typesetter, poet
  17. Abraham Sutzkever, 1913–2010, Lithuanian Jewish poet. NYTimes: “greatest poet of the Holocaust”
  18. Arthur Sze, American translator, poet of Chinese descent; born 1950
  19. Vahakn Tavtian, Armenian poet; born 1923
  20. Jorge Teillier, 1935–1996, Cuban editor, poet
  21. Adam Zagajewski, Polish poet; born 1945

3 surreal poems


O my indigo


Ebullient octopi







Inside a geode




Melancholy mushrooms meditate

Avocados artlessly alliterate

Tunesmithing tilapia tap dance with fate

In what universe do we all congregate?



Poem #s 113 & 112, written 12.30.2014;

#110, written 12.11.2014