Poem: seeking the misplaced

You’re whose child now?

Sister to wolves, moonbeams, and mushrooms

Made in the image of no one you know

This dilemma

Ask me a riddle

Experience hard green apples in memory

Onto what door have you fallen?

Parent the monster within. Befriend it.

Forced to sit still, stay where you’re not welcome

No great matter

Shouting silences

Near the mountains of my youth

The parrot




Poem #140, written 10.14.2015


Poem: Integral Methods of Rotation

In the part that is silvered you see the full reflected

Pattern, distorted by incoherent acceleration.

Closely observe the

Wooden dock that runs away from you towards

A little gadget, peculiar in shape. A window

Of dark grey intensifies the yellow of the aluminum

But the first surface mirror may be strange.

Infrared-sensitive library cards glisten

With luminescent chemicals —

Their outside brilliance will smother the weaker

Crystals projecting a tiny dot of light 100 feet away.

One image is tinted pink, the other green, both

Animating opalescent fins, swimming in the ether.




Poem #68, written 7.4.2014

Poem: rah! rah! rondeau!

Three cheers for Dar!

Darling of the garden —

Her talents in full flower.

(While over in the bower

Aardvark nibbles larkspur.)


She sails over every bar —

The Czar of Working Hard

Hero of the hour!

Three cheers for Dar!


Kendra’s made her mark

Shimmer shower spark-ler

Awesome in her power

She sure is a WOW!-er

Nordstrom’s newest All-Star

Three cheers for Dar!


Poem #19, written 4.7.2013