Poem: Signs seen from Chincoteague, 2016

Coffee & Karma

Orbital ATK

Donate Your Boat

Shoe Show

Pocomoke River

Wine Liquor Cordials

50,000 Songs in a Row!

Dover, Delaware 68 miles

If You Love Someone, You Need Life Insurance

Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art

Harriet Tubman UGRR

Bay Bridge 42 miles

Speed Awareness Zone — next 3 miles

Rural Life Museum

Wanted Guitar Player

The Best U-Turn You’ll Ever Make!

Asparagus / Double Yolk Eggs

New Blood

Mariners Church






Playing around with sounds: 3 poems

A raster poster

Plastered the roster

Of proudly-dastardly poets.


Laundry pile shrinking

While I think about

Spelunking in

My soul.


Fiddlehead finches

Explode into

Tangelos, stuttering

Fantastically —

Arboreal tanagrams




Poem #s 54, written 4.10.2014;

#55, written 4.12.2014;

#76, written 9.6.2014