Poem: friendsgiving

I’m thankful for:



trees & tendrils

plants in pots, in my household and not



rivers I have loved


hills and boulders

mountains, near and far


having had relationships with 2 grandparents


living in Maryland

Loch Raven forest

Cali (1939–1998)

Rosemary (1917–1998)

Heidi (c. 1976–1994)

having known Paul W (1968–1993)

poetry in translation

salamanders in the Smokies

earthworms everywhere

golden afternoon sunlight


“occasional spiders”




pretty colors


the kindness of strangers

walking in darkness


serendipity  /  synchronicity  /  surprise

being me






Poem: Signs seen to Chincoteague, 2016

Easton — 2nd most livable city in Maryland

Choptank River

The Pretzel Factory

Snow Hill Road

Pop-Pop’s Produce

Mitchell’s Martial Arts (on the move)

Passerdyke Creek

Smith Island Cakes Ordered Here

Natural Resources Police Fishing Rodeo May 7


Littering is Illegal

Drive Thru Vape and Smoke Outlet

NASA Badging and Deliveries

Caution: Low Flying Aircraft, High Noise Area

Wildflowers — Do Not Mow


Sandy Pony Donuts

Ham Cabbage Breakfast

Prohibited: Nudity

No Fishing From Bridge





Poem: seeking the misplaced

You’re whose child now?

Sister to wolves, moonbeams, and mushrooms

Made in the image of no one you know

This dilemma

Ask me a riddle

Experience hard green apples in memory

Onto what door have you fallen?

Parent the monster within. Befriend it.

Forced to sit still, stay where you’re not welcome

No great matter

Shouting silences

Near the mountains of my youth

The parrot




Poem #140, written 10.14.2015

Poem: nomen * nature

My name?

I’m going to have to spell it:

F, as in frog



D, as in dandelion

H, as in honeybee


G, as in garden

L, as in lizard


S, as in spider




It was 4 years ago today that I wrote my first poem in 31 years.

Yesterday I encountered ‘31’ twice (which I enjoyed because it’s a prime number), but entirely missed this synchronicity with my poetic history.


Poem: A Mother’s Day Portrait

Curls the color of dried grass bouncing

as you bound toward my bench,

Mischief in your blue eyes,

white flowered flip flops on your feet.


Away from mommy, sprawled on

the grass with her camera

Away from daddy, walking

up and around the hill


You keep setting out

You keep exploring everything

You can get to.


You smile

You smile at me

We trade delight with each other.


If today was 1940 or 1941, you

could be the toddler who became

my mother.

(But I wouldn’t be here to see you.)


Today is 2015, and

you are yourself —




Poem #130, written 5.10.2015

Poem: rah! rah! rondeau!

Three cheers for Dar!

Darling of the garden —

Her talents in full flower.

(While over in the bower

Aardvark nibbles larkspur.)


She sails over every bar —

The Czar of Working Hard

Hero of the hour!

Three cheers for Dar!


Kendra’s made her mark

Shimmer shower spark-ler

Awesome in her power

She sure is a WOW!-er

Nordstrom’s newest All-Star

Three cheers for Dar!


Poem #19, written 4.7.2013