Poetry: spatial analysis

I have written poetry while living in 2 watersheds:


07120004           Des Plaines                                       Illinois

02060003           Gunpowder-Patapsco                   Maryland




Paper copies or video versions of my poems were created in, and/or have travelled to 16 watersheds:


01040002           Lower Androscoggin                     Maine

02030201           Northern Long Island Sound      New York

02060006           Patuxent                                          Maryland

02070010           Middle Potomac–Anacostia–Occoquan                               District of Columbia

03020201           Upper Neuse                                    North Carolina

03030002           Haw                                                   North Carolina

04110002           Cuyahoga                                           Ohio

05020005           Lower Monongahela                      Pennsylvania

05100205           Lower Kentucky                              Kentucky

05140102           Salt                                                     Kentucky

06010105           Upper French Broad                      North Carolina

10270104           Lower Kansas                                  Kansas

11100303           Deep Fork                                         Oklahoma

12030103           Elm Fork Trinity                             Texas

13020102           Rio Chama                                       New Mexico

17110019           Puget Sound                                      Washington state



Poem: a wandering forest / una selva errante

Cento 14 from Vicente Huidobro’s Altazor, translated by Eliot Weinberger


{in English}


Unafraid of the mystery of your self

Fall as far as you can fall

Fall into childhood

You’re alone

Impossible escape



{en Español}


Sin miedo al enigma de ti mismo

Cae lo más bajo que se pueda caer

Cae en infancia

Estás solo

La evasión imposible



Poem #129, written 4.12.2015