Poem: Somatic Mystery

I asked

crimson permission

for himself,

that part of me I

didn’t know

how to be.

What myths

severed the maestro


mastering our cohesion?


Poem #73, written 9.6.2014


Wanted: poetics pen pal

I’m looking for someone who:

  • (preferably) Is active on Twitter, since it allows and fosters real-time interactions.
  • Enjoys conversation.
  • Asks questions.
  • Has a sense of humor.
  • Can be whimsical, silly, and/or playful.
  • Communicates in long, thoughtful text.
  • Thinks about poetics, and about writing well. Likes discussing same with others.
  • Offers interested / useful / insightful feedback on written pieces (when welcome).
  • Doesn’t, however, insist on what I “need to” or “should” do, and especially not when no feedback was explicitly requested.
  • Will admit they were touched / moved by something.
  • Has a vibrant and absorbing life outside of Poetry & Writing.

Poem: Integral Methods of Rotation

In the part that is silvered you see the full reflected

Pattern, distorted by incoherent acceleration.

Closely observe the

Wooden dock that runs away from you towards

A little gadget, peculiar in shape. A window

Of dark grey intensifies the yellow of the aluminum

But the first surface mirror may be strange.

Infrared-sensitive library cards glisten

With luminescent chemicals —

Their outside brilliance will smother the weaker

Crystals projecting a tiny dot of light 100 feet away.

One image is tinted pink, the other green, both

Animating opalescent fins, swimming in the ether.




Poem #68, written 7.4.2014

Poem: Downsizing

Divesting myself of

former collections —


dried flowers


books that I loved in my 30s.

Ideas about what kind of life I wanted, needed.

What was, is, possible for me.

What other people thought I should want.

What I felt like I “deserve”.



I’m emptying


What opens up inside of me when

my vessels rift?


Poem #66, written 6.17.2014